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"Crash-Test" Your Portfolio

How Will Your Investments Hold Up Through The Next Market Event (Crash)? What Are The Hidden Risk Factors In YOUR Portfolio? Can You Afford To Wait For 2001 & 2008 All Over Again? 
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  1. Medicare Basics: Intro to Medicare
    This 2 minute video will help you decide on a plan of action as you become eligible for Medicare
  2. Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D Explained
    The 4 parts of Medicare, how they work together, what they cost, how and when to enroll, and key things you need to know
  3. 5 Keys to Retirement Planning
    See top reasons why retirees run out of money, and ways to avoid common planning mistakes that often are only realized after it is too late.
  4. 3 Critical Medicare Enrollment Deadlines
    Learn the key deadlines that apply to Part B enrollment, prescription plan (Part D) enrollment, and Medicare supplement enrollment, plus the consequences for missing these deadlines and the reasons why a deadline may not apply to you
  5. Will my Doctor take my Med Supp?
    Learn about what makes Medicare different from private insurance, how it works with your doctors, and what "standardization" means for supplementary coverage.
  6. Med Supp Plan F and G Key Facts
    Learn from real-life examples of what the differences are between these two Med Supp plans, and why there can be a financial advantage to getting one plan over another. We will give examples from our clients to demonstrate.
  7. Finding a Part D Prescription Plan
    Step-by-step way to zero in on the Part D plan that is right for you. It all starts with the medicines you are taking today...